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Protecting yourself from computer scams

Similar to driving a car, knowing how to navigate the Intertnet safely is essential to avoiding problems such as identity theft and your computer being compromised. Sadly many people have become victims of a computer scam and have lost lots of money in the process.

Although no computer connected to a network can be 100% secure, computer security has evolved enough to keep most hackers out. These hackers have realized that it is easier to hack you the user than the computer itself. If a hacker can gain your trust and you allow them remote access to your computer, you have put your computer and its contents at risk. A hacker can then steal files, install malicious software, destroy your computer and its contents and demand payment for thier work.

Here are a couple of common scams to avoid:

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Trust but Verify!

Is that e-mail asking you change an employees payroll to another account or to send money to rescue a "friend" in distress real? Is the e-mail address of the requestor really from the right person?

Avoid this scam! Anytime there is a question about an e-mail request involving the transfer of money, you should contact the requestor by phone or in person and verify their request.